Golf Training We help you restore movement patterns. Build speed and
power for consistency and longevity in your game with our high class training.
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- Golf Digest top 50 trainers recipient 
- Global Presenter on golf specific performance training 
- PGA/LPGA Tour performance coach 
- Performance Coach to thousands of amateur golfers 
- Over 50 years of coaching experience inside of the LGP team 
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“The very first day I came away with several major changes, especially in my posture and shoulder tightness. Not only have you significantly improved my golf training but more importantly my quality of life”.

Roger – Senior Golfer   


With over 50 years combined of high-level golfing experience and specific physical training. LG Performance has the tools to help golfers of all ages and skill levels be successful. We are committed to offer top level training for adults and training for juniors.

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Why To Choose LGP


Certifications are one thing. Hands on experience is another thing. We have both….lots and lots of both. Our network allows us to stay in touch with the latest technology and research. We at LG Performance completely dedicated to building a focused plan based on your body blueprint, schedule, equipment and goals.


This is completely customized to junior golf performance. Your initial physical evaluation provides a roadmap. Your goals are the destination. Your training is the journey. We are not guessing. We create a focused plan advising you exactly what to do in order to achieve real results. Get ready to see what success looks like.


You will see measurable results during each month. For most of you, it will be movement restoration first. Once we have you moving properly, we focus on the finer aspects of performance: strength, power & speed for consistency and longevity. 100% customer satisfaction rate – 100% money back guaranteed.

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