Golf Training We help you restore movement patterns. Build speed and
power for consistency and longevity in your game with our high class training.
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- Golf Digest top 50 trainers recipient 
- Global Presenter on golf specific performance training 
- PGA/LPGA Tour performance coach 
- Performance Coach to thousands of amateur golfers 
- Over 50 years of coaching experience inside of the LGP team 
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“The very first day I came away with several major changes, especially in my posture and shoulder tightness. Not only have you significantly improved my golf training but more importantly my quality of life”.

Roger – Senior Golfer   

“Golf Fitness is needed to build strong bones and muscles to smash golf balls. Golf Fitness leads to endurance, so you can close the last three holes in your round. Golf Fitness leads to the management of the Golf Swing. Golf Fitness develops mental health so you can use “course management”. Golf Fitness reduces injury rates, increases self-confidence, promotes emotional control and much more!”

Improve On Course Performance

Most players struggle on the golf course because their bodies are unable to do what the golf swing needs. The explosive rotational movement of hitting a golf ball benefits most from the overall movement and stabilization of the body. So many golfers deal with these physical limitations and pain points that prevent them from moving or stabilizing completely.

Develop Consistency

Consistency is king on the golf course. Consistency comes from proper performance training and practice. Ultimately, you want to become so energy efficient that you rarely (if at all) force energy in any situation. In general, you should not force things in life or on the golf course. However, you should force yourself to start with a customized golf training plan that suits you.


With over 50 years combined of high-level golfing experience and specific physical training. LG Performance has the tools to help golfers of all ages and skill levels be successful. We are committed to offer top level training for adults and training for juniors.

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