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Stephen M

Kayleigh and the team at Lance Gill Performance are great at helping me build and maintain a solid base of fitness that improves my golf game and my overall health. I first came to Kayleigh with lower back pain and stiffness that were preventing me from playing golf. Through a focused regimen of core muscle workouts and stretches that Kayleigh designed for me I was able to eliminate my back pain, and the increased flexibility and strength in turn improved my golf swing. I highly recommend Kayleigh and Lance Gill Performance if you want to take your golf fitness to the highest level possible!

Casey F

I can’t say enough about Kayleigh and Lance Gill Performance. My Body and movement patterns have never been better. I found out that some of the swing improvements that I was trying to make were not possible because my body wouldn’t move like it needed to. I have increased distance and played some of the best golf of my life since I started working with them. They identified areas in my body that were dysfunctional that I didn’t even know about. The tailored programs they create are a must if you are looking to lower your golf score.

Inigo I

Kayleigh and Lance understand the combination of the swing and fitness aspects of golf more than anyone I know. I have been a player that has always had speed and after seeing them I was able to prevent future injuries by receiving exercises that activate specific muscles in your body. Not only that, these exercises helped me stay fit and stable to maintain a good golf swing with less effort. This has helped me increase my distance significantly while having great accuracy to become a better golfer.

Charlie D

My Coach Jason Baile, introduced me to Lance and Kayleigh as I was dealing with a painful lower back issue that was affecting my game. They were able to quickly identify the cause and put together a program that has drastically increased my range of motion and overall strength. I love their holistic approach to golf fitness and performance and their expertise helps me have confidence that my body will be consistent and ready to perform as I begin my pursuit of a career on the PGA Tour. After 6 months of hard work I have forgotten I ever had a back issue, have continued to get stronger, and I look forward to many great years ahead (as long as I keep up with all my exercises.

Roger I

The very first day, I came away with several major changes, especially in my posture and shoulder tightness. Not only have you significantly improved my golf training but more importantly my quality of life.

Crista I

Lance and Kayleigh helped me cure a back injury that has been going on for years. Not only that but the exercises they provided me with have taken my golf game to a higher level. These exercises are super helpful for strengthening the core and to prevent any more back damage. They understand how to combine the golf swing and the body very well.

Charley H

Kayleigh has me in the best shape of my life. She has kept me healthy week in and week out on the PGA and most importantly injury-free. We do assessments of my body on a regular basis to make sure we are always headed in the right direction. Kayleigh also works hand in hand with my swing instructor to make sure everything transfers from the gym to the golf course.

Alexander Y

Kayleigh and Lance provide an unbelievable wealth of knowledge to the physical aspect of golf. I can train hard yet still increase my durability and power to keep my body in peak shape throughout a season. Furthermore, we tailor workouts to enhance and facilitate swing suggestions recommended by my swing coach. They represent an integral part of my team on my path to the PGA Tour.

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