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With over 50 years of high-level golfing experience and 15 years specializing in golf specific physical training, LG Performance has the tools to help golfers of all ages and skill levels be successful.

Kayleigh Franklin

Director of Performance
  • Director of Performance
  • TPI Certified; Golf Fitness Professional, Medical Professional, and Power Coach.
  • FRC Professional, Sports Massage Therapist via Association of Sports Massage Therapists (England).
  • Bowen Fascial Release Technique Therapist via European College of Bowen Studies (Europe).

    I began my career as a Performance Coach and Sports Massage Therapist at a Golf and Country Club in Oxford, England.  I served as the European liaison for TPI in Level 1 classes for five years as an assistant instructor before moving to the United States. I began specializing in golf specific training in the year 2011. 

    I am involved with all our LGP clients and currently working with elite level LPGA and PGA tour winners.
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