Why is Golf Fitness Necessary?

Why Golf Fitness

DISCLAIMER >>>This article does not focus on general health themes you should already be aware of and practicing.  If you do not see the correlation between your fitness and health than this article is not for you. 

Golf Fitness is necessary to build strong bones and muscles for crushing golf balls. and  leads to stamina so you can close out the last 3 holes of your round.  Golf ( professional game) Fitness leads to control of the Golf Swing. 

Its builds mental health so you can employ ‘course management’.  Golf Fitness reduces injury rates, enhances confidence, promotes emotional control and so much more!

3 reasons why Golf Fitness is Necessary….

  • Improve On Course Performance
  • Injury Prevention
  • Develop Consistency

Improve On Course Performance

Most players struggle on the golf course because their body cannot do what the golf swing needs it to.

The explosive rotational movement of striking a golf ball benefits most from a full range of motion and the ability to stabilize the body’s many golfers are dealing with physical limitations and pain points preventing them from a full range of motion or stabilization.

This leads to things like the low back swinging the golf club instead of the abdomen and BOOM…..you just blew out your back, again. Most limitations can be overcome by restoring movement patterns and developing fitness properly so it translates to golf performance.

Injury Prevention


It is easy to be cool calm and collected when life is going great and you have your health.  Blow out a knee or a hip and watch those smiles turn upside down.

Your level of golf fitness contributes greatly towards injury prevention and your ability to recover from injury.

Injury prevention is not talked about enough. Every step you take towards your physical, emotional and mental health contributes toward preventing injury. Smart decisions on and off the golf course people!  The best players in the world build a team around them and this is a reasons why.

Develop Consistency

If I offered you the chance to hit it straight with your driver 250 yards 8/10 times OR 330 yards 3/10 times which would you pick?  Consistency is King on the golf course.  Anyone can flash a good round.  Very few people can call their shot.  If you do not hit the golf ball hard enough it will not reach the hole.  If you hit the golf ball too hard it will just bounce out. You need the ability to be consistent.  Consistency stems from proper performance training and practice.  Ultimately, you want to become so energy efficient that you rarely (if ever) force the energy in any situation.  Generally speaking, you should not force things in life or on the golf course. You should however force yourself to get started with a custom golf fitness plan that is right for you.

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