What are some great golf hacks?

Shut down the face – Shutting down the face is an old school hack that can be used with any club.  Some people shut down the face of all their clubs.  For a right handed golfer, this means at address you would rotate the club in a counter clockwise direction.  Your clubface will now be aiming well left of your typical set up.  This helps to keep the golf ball low and promote a draw.  Be careful though, Lee Trevino said “You can talk to a fade but a hook won’t listen”.

Open the face – The opposite of what we just talked about is opening the face.  This would be to rotate the club clockwise at address.  The clubface is now aiming well left of your typical set up.  This promotes a higher ball flight and a fade for a right handed golfer. Lob shots and escape shots of a fade or slicing golf ball are easier to execute with an open face.

Blade the wedge – Every so often your golf ball may land on the green but roll out and settle against the first cut of fringe.  This makes getting your putter on the golf ball a little difficult.  You can still use the putter and take a steeper swing at the ball.  However, using the putter here will almost always make your ball ‘jump’ off the surface.  So, instead of using your putter, you can ‘putt’ with your lob wedge by slightly opening up the face and using a putting motion with the leading edge.  This allows you to hit the center of the golf ball on a trajectory that will roll more true than your putter.

Putter on the toe – This is another old school hack.  When you find your golf ball above the hole faced with an extremely fast down hill putt, try this.  Do everything you would normally do to hit the putt except move your sweet spot towards your body and use the ‘toe’ or end of the putter blade as your new sweet spot.  The intention here is to not hit the sweet spot of your putter.  A hit from the toe of your putter blade will still roll true…it will just roll out less than your sweet spot.

Flop on hard pan – Get ready to show us your magic Mr. Lefty.  Every now and again we need to hit a flop shot but there is just one problem, the turf below the golf ball is basically just dry dirt also known as ‘hard pan’.  There is literally no turf below the ball.   You will need to treat this somewhat like a bunker shot.  The good news is, you can step aside and take plenty of practice swings to gauge the ground.  Once you are ready, open up your face as you normally would for a flop shot and take the amount of dirt you felt during your practice swings to explode this ball onto the green.  Practice this shot when no one is around.


Hand warmers – Some of us fanatics play golf during the winter months when the temperatures are near freezing.  Keeping your hands and golf ball warm is like having an extra club in the bag.  A warm ball will travel a little better as well.  Keep the hands warm at all times please.

Flip the club – Did you know you have an opposite handed club in your bag?  Well, you do now and it is your seven iron.  Just flip it upside down and now you have a golf club you can swing opposite handed with for a trick shot or potentially par saving shot.  We suggest a few practice swings prior to hitting your golf ball.

Arrive to the course early – As part of your preparation to dominate and smash golf balls, you should arrive early to warm up and evaluate the condition of the course.  Your physical warm up should be number one priority.  Arriving early allows you to get your mind, body and swing in the proper mode to execute on the golf course.  If it is a course you seldom play, ask the staff about the condition of the course – it just might save you a shot or two.

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