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I have always been around the golf industry in some capacity; a player, a pro shop attendant, a retail manager, a personal trainer for golfers, lead athletic trainer, golf gym manager, advisory board member for the leading golf performance company in the world, and now founder of my own golf company – Lance Gill Performance.

I take great pride in my diverse cross section into the game of golf covering all elements of the sport. To call myself a body specialist is short sighted but in the end, that is exactly what I am. I focus on helping players enjoy the game more by understanding how their body affects their golf swing. That can involve physical training, mental training, practice routine creation, nutritional consulting, recovery training, golf training, equipment modification and a myriad of other items. But at the end of the day we all have to swing the club with our body and that takes knowledge, understanding and proper training.

Every single day since I graduated from undergrad school in 1997 (Shenandoah University) I have devoted and applied myself to understanding the body better and applying my skill set towards the game I love so much. My education in graduate school (University of Pittsburgh) set the table for my entrance into the world of golf and human performance and every day since I left my collegiate background I have begun my true education into the learning of golf. This learning can take many different forms and as such you will need an expert to help you guide you to the most appropriate and most efficient form of learning. Oh yeah… one more thing, it probably should be fun along the way. After all, this is golf, why not have a little fun? Please allow me to help you on your golf journey via one my areas of expertise.



Player Development

I have focused on developing players of all abilities and levels for many years. I work with each player to develop a comprehensive plan of attack for improving their game. I have teamed up with many leading partners in the golf industry in the fields of; golf instruction, biomechanics, mental, medical and strength and conditioning.

A good golfer is well rounded and will be proficient in many areas, not just ball striking! It would be my pleasure to work with you on improving your game either by enhancing the team currently around you or helping you build a plan and a team to support you through your personal goals. 

Please email experiences@lgperformance.com for more information.

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Body Swing Analysis

In order to maximize your golfing potential, it is imperative that you understand how your body is impacting your golf swing. The Body-Swing Analysis from Lance Gill Performance will help you gain tremendous clarity on how to improve both your golf swing and your body as one entity. There are too many stories of people training non-stop, only to find their golf swings are degrading and achieving fewer results.

The time to change that is now. Please join Lance Gill and Kayleigh Franklin who will help you in understanding your physical capablities and limitations and how they are impacting your swing. Also a part of our LGP team are 3 Top 100 Golf Professionals who will be evaluating your swings! Never before has a program offered you this diverse setting where you can have your swing reviewed by one of the best golf professionals on the planet and have your body evaluated by the team that has seen more golf physicals than perhaps anyone else on the planet! This is a wonderful combination of talent that spans over 100 years of service within the golf industry and with the best players from across multiple generations. 

The Body-Swing Analysis by LGP brings together the best of the golf instruction and physical assessment worlds and gives you the breakdown of how both of those worlds intersect. From this point a program will be developed to attack both your swing and your physical needs. The first step in any program design is understanding what the problem is and what factors are contributing to it. We then attack those factors constructively and watch the improvements begin. It is time to make a change in your golf game, why wait any further? The best team in the industry is eagerly awaiting the opportunity to help you achieve your goals. For a free phone consultation on how we can help you, please contact experiences@lgperformance.com.

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Personal Training

As we know the body plays a vital role in an athletes performance. Controlled, structured training can help ensure the body remains at its most optimum level. Here at Lance Gill Performance we have a dedicated team who can work with anyone from the beginning junior all the the way through to LPGA / PGA standard.

Not interested in golf specific or sport specific training, but still want a trainer? Lance Gill Performance can help you as well!! Personal Training is available on a 1 to 1 basis or group training. Pricing options for individual sessions or monthly packages. 

Please email experiences@lgperformance.com for more information.

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Golf Experiences

The golfing experiences that I offer are designed for golfers (of all abilities) seeking a fun, but educational, experience in a wonderful setting. You will be working alongside some of the best experts in the industry, offering support and memories to last a lifetime. My golfing experiences are designed to help you get away from your normal stresses and at the same time be productive in getting some work done on improving your golf game. All in the name of good memories and fun. The experience of a lifetime is often best experienced with a loved one or a group of friends. We will go out of our way to make sure your time with us is memorable and that you will certainly want to return. 

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Please email experiences@lgperformance.com for more information.

Professional Speaking Engagements

Perhaps my favorite passion of all is to speak in front of groups. I have spent the last 10 years speaking in a wide array of public settings from Medical conferences, Surgical Meetings, Sports Medicine functions, Fitness conferences, Golf conferences, Golf course setting, Collegiate educational environments, etc… I love education and I have a gift of speaking to people. I would love the opportunity to speak for you and your event and help you achieve a goal through a common message. Please allow me the opportunity to make your next event a memorable one. 

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Facility Design

I have spent the past 8 years working with the folks who are actually out there working with clients and golfers. I have helped them create, devise, and plan the buildouts of their facilities to allow for an efficient transfer into the world of success! I take great pride in helping others achieve their goals and having a facility that is efficient, appealing and productive is a vital key to this process. I would be honored to help you achieve your facility goals. 

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