The RTP is a completely unique fitness plan allowing you to train with purpose anywhere, anytime and enjoy 24/7 communications with our Team of Professionals.

Welcome to the Remote Training Protocol (RTP). All Protocol’s start with a 60-minute Physical Assessment. Our Performance Team will video conference you (at your convenience) to personally guide and instruct you through the Physical Assessment process. This is a non-invasive, thorough and vitally important step for the LGP team to both educate and train you. Physical Reassessments will take place throughout the Protocol, this helps us to continually keep up to date on your body’s response and progress. 

After the Physical Assessment the LGP team creates your Training Protocol. Your Performance Coach will deliver your protocol via our online coaching app. You will have a schedule, sets, reps and a video example of each Exercise. Here is the true start of our journey together.  With 24/7 support from the LGP team; we will help you to understand how your body impacts your golfing goals. We will educate you on the intricacies of moving properly and teach you how to maximize your body’s physical potential relative to golf. 

All purchasing options of the RTP include the same level of world class service that many of our friends on the PGA and LPGA tours enjoy.  Please review below which option best suits you.  If you are interested in purchasing – please complete our submission form on the bottom of this page.  Payment arrangements are made once you speak with a representative of our staff.  We look forward to working with you. 

  • RTP 3-month $900 
  • RTP 6-month $1500 
  • RTP 12 month $2800