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We make certain you understand each step of the process and we make our team available to you 24/7.  Our training is 100% customized for you.  We truly become your performance team 100% focused committed to the achievement your goals.

My duties include Biomechanical Evaluations, Physical Screening, Program Development, Practice Schedule Development, Periodization of Programs, Coach Education, Trainer Education and Medical Education of player staff. With the comprehensive approach via the TPI methodology, I have helped countless tour players reach and move towards their personal goals and at the same time gain worldwide recognition for the TPI, Titleist and Acushnet brands

Lance Gill

I began my career as a Performance Coach and Sports Massage Therapist at a Golf and Country Club in Oxford, England. I served as the European liaison for TPI in Level 1 classes for five years as an assistant instructor before moving to the United States. I began specializing in golf specific training in the year 2011.

Kayleigh Franklin

Director of Performance
I started my career as an athletic trainer working with golfers at San Jose State University. I met Lance at a seminar and we helped some athletes on the Tour who were dealing with various injuries. Our success here led me to join the team at LGP in 2018. I love working with athletes and watching their dedication and hard work pay off as they get stronger and out of pain!

Shawna Hernandez

I love the game of golf. I think it is such a wonderful challenge. It is the challenge that makes it great. I have put myself in a position to truly help people get more enjoyment from golf. For this, I am grateful. I get to connect and speak with players from all over the world and learn their stories. I look forward to hearing yours.

Justin Spoerl

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