How to get better at Golf?

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*** Disclaimer – the best way to improve your golf game is to work with a PGA Professional Swing Coach and a Performance Coach.  The best players in the world build a team around them.

Here are 9 ways you can get better at golf….

Play the golf ball down

This may come as a surprise to you fluffers but playing the golf ball down at all times will teach you how to handle different lies and how to adjust.  It will also extremely boost your confidence over time.  You won’t become a better golfer rolling your ball around.

Develop a Pre-Shot Routine

This is an amazing way for you to gain accuracy.  From analyzing the lie of the golf ball to club selection to lining up at address.  Identifying trouble and choosing target lines – getting behind the golf ball and planning will increase your chances of execution.

Grind it out

Golf is an amazingly difficult game to play well consistently.  There may be times you want to quit the game forever.  There are rounds of golf where you may lose your swing completely.  This is when you must grind it out, manage the course and your emotional response to poor play.  Things will get tough on the golf course – this will happen to you.  You must grind it out.  Better shots are ahead.

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Hit more fairways

Bombing it of the tee is fun, however, it may not be the greatest approach to scoring for all golfers.  The Fairway is your friend (I promise) and it is easier to hit than you think.  Would you rather approach from 150 yards in the fairway or 100 yards in the rough?

Know your carry and total yardages

So many mistakes are made by golfers and golf trainers who simply do not know their yardages.  How many fairways are you going to hit if you don’t know your total yardages?  How many greens are you going to hold if you don’t know your carry yardage?  Please know this information before you play another round of golf.

Lag Putt King

Become the King of Lag putting.  Imagine the confidence you will have if you can two-putt from anywhere?  Draw an imaginary 3 foot circle and a 5 foot circle.  Start lagging your putts in these circles from distance.  Then make the short putt.

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Get on the clock

I am talking about a swing clock for your wedge game.  This is the process of feeling your swing arc positions relative to a clock.  Example: 9:00, 9:30, 10:00 etc.  This is a great way to identify and help your distance control.

Learn the bump and run

Everyone wants to flop and lob because it looks pretty.  Yes it looks pretty and do you know what else looks pretty??  Your ball…slowly rolling in the hole looks real real pretty.  Just a gentle reminder….flop shots don’t typically roll very much.  Get your golf ball rolling as soon as possible and start holing out some chips.  You are trying to make it aren’t you?

Be prepared

How early do you like to get to the golf course?  Whatever your desired level or preparedness be sure to prepare to your satisfaction.  The last thing you want to do is be ‘rushing’ to the golf course.

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