How do you become a Pro Golfer?

Do you lay awake at night wondering if you or your loved one has what it takes to become a pro golfer?

Here are 5 things you should consider before making a run at professional golf training….

#5 Scoring and a Game that travels to become a Pro Golfer

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Years ago, when I was lecturing for TPI, it was cocktail hour.  And this young man approached me very excitedly saying how he just shot even par at his home course!  He wanted to know if I thought he could play Pro Golf.  I asked him a series of questions and it went something like this…

Q: Did you play the tips?

A: No.

Q: Were you given any putts?

A: Yes but only inside leather.

Q: Did you play the ball as it lies?

A: I rolled a few.

I smiled, picked up my drink and took a healthy sip.  I set down my drink, grabbed his hand firmly, looked deeply in his eyes and said “Son… are not even playing the game of Golf”.

If you are considering to become a pro golfer, you need to be playing true games of golf and you need to be breaking 70 most of the time.  Your game needs to travel, everywhere.  You cannot just go low on a few courses.  The wind, rain, sweltering heat and blistering cold do not care if you were unprepared for them.  Tight and narrow fairways, slick greens, bumpy greens, hard pan, long rough…none of these things care if you are unprepared.  Your game needs equal opportunity to break 70 in all these conditions.

Your Preparation is everything.

#4 “We talking about practice, man?”

Lance Gill Performance

Yes Mr. Iverson we are talking about practice and you had better LOVE IT.  You need to be the type of person who can practice for DAYS and not get tired or injured.  The longer you hit…the stronger you get.  Nothing can stop you from becoming a CONSISTENT BALL STRIKING POWERHOUSE.  After this, you will need to spend an eternity developing your short game.

The differentiator on ANY TOUR is your short game.  Everyone can drive it well enough and hit enough greens.  It is the impossible up and downs that separate the greatest of players.  Your ability to give yourself a three-to-five-footer for par is paramount.  O yea, and you had better sink that putt around 89% of the time.

#3 Tournament Golf

Lance Gill Performance

Listen here Tin Cup…no body cares that way back when you shot a 67 with Uncle Buck.  You need local, regional, national and/or collegiate tournament experience.  It would be great if some of this experience involved winning.  If you can not win at local levels what makes you think you can win at the professional level?

Whether you started in the womb swinging golf clubs like Tiger woods or you started at 19 years old like PGA Champion Y.E. Yang….either way, there is no substitute for tournament experience.  Get as much as you can. You need to play with players who can beat you.

#2 Risk, Personality and Attitude.

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It is the consistent execution of focus that makes golf difficult.  All things being equal, your ability to focus is dependent upon your personality and attitude.  Can you roll with the punches?  Do you have a winning attitude?  Many Pro Golfers will tell you there are loads of people out there just as gifted as them but the difference maker is their attitude and work ethic.

Risk…you may be thinking what risks could there possibly be to playing Pro Golf?  Well, rewards can be high in terms of earnings but when exactly do you plan to start winning the big bucks?  Not everyone can be like Collin Morikawa and win their debut Major Championships.  Can you support the financial expenditure?  At the very least you will need to cover expenses for travel, qualification fees and purchasing quality equipment.

One more thing worth mentioning.  You are going to need to be a very grounded person. Living out of hotels, always on the go, always on the grind, always practicing, always studying, always being disciplined.  This will not be easy but with the right personality and attitude – it can be done.  You must want to do these things with complete passion and conviction.

#1 Build a team around You to become a Pro Golfer

become a Pro Golfer

No John Cena, you do not need an Agent or a Sponsor.  You need a Swing Coach and you need a Performance Coach.

So many players foolishly try to make it on their own.  The over-confidence here is astounding.  You have never played at the professional level and you think you know what it takes?  Absolutely not!  As my son likes to say “you had better check yourself before you wreck yourself.”

You need a Swing Coach who knows what it takes to play at the Pro level. You need a Swing Coach who will develop a strategy to enhance your game not just your golf shots.  A professional training plan with intensity and precision to show you how to overcome weaknesses.  Top of the line technology and club fitting are also a must.

You need a Performance Coach to physically evaluate your body and prescribe you a custom training plan that will marry into a Body-Swing connection.  A completely unique plan that will enable your training to overcome physical limitations and allow your body to consistently perform at the optimum level every week.

27 of the top 30 players on the PGA Tour work with a Performance Team….what makes you think you do not need a team around you?


If you are looking for a Swing Coach or a Performance Coach or want to become a pro golfer– we may be able to help you.  Schedule your Free Strategy Call here.

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