Golfing Training Program is a Must

Golfing Training Program

Doing skill improvement on the driving range is great, but we need to take care of our body and improve our golfing ability.

Improving your golfing ability can help your golf swing believe it or not.  You need to be sure you are moving properly in all your mobile and stable joints.  Our initial 60 -90 minute physical evaluation provides the blueprint for custom training.

Recreational golfers have common swing restrictions: nearly 50% of all amateurs deal with at least one of these:

  1. Loss of Posture – original set up angles lost.
  2. Early extension – the hips and spine straighten up to early in downswing.
  3. Casting, Early Release, Scooping – wrist angles are lost through downswing and/or impact
  4. Slide and Sway – lateral movement of the lower body toward or away from target.
  5. Over the top – upper-body is too active during the downswing.

Taking control of your health and wellness can seem daunting and overbearing.  Our performance team is here to guide, support, educate and hold you accountable every step of the way.

Online Golf Fitness Training Program Outline

Here for the golf course?!  Golf can be enjoyed by all in various formats, competitions, practice, and the driving range.

Every year, golfers start looking for a new golf training program they can follow to improve their skills and lower scores.  When planning a golf training program, you should make sure it covers several areas or work with a professional team.

LGP has plans for all ages and skill levels.

  1. We all want to play better golf, and even the most talented players have a team and they are constantly training & practicing.
  2. It doesn’t matter if you have just started this great game or have been playing for years, progress is possible for all of us.
  3. At LGP, we have the most qualified and experienced coaches to help take your game to the next level.


LGP is here for you if you want to:

  1. Achieve more consistency in your game
  2. Hit the ball straighter and further than ever
  3. Develop practice plans for targeted improvement
  4. Define routines for greater concentration and confidence


Physical limitations our virtual golf training can help

Your golf swing technique can certainly contribute to some of these statistics, but chances are physical limitations are part of your problem. Here are some common physical limitations you may have:

  1. Insufficient core stability
  2. Lack of abdominal strength
  3. Lack of flexibility and/or stability in the shoulder and hip
  4. Unable to separate the upper and lower body
  5. Wrist & ankle flexibility
  6. Limited deep squat

Let’s look at some of the areas your fitness can improve:

  1. Power – the ability for longer distances
  2. Stability – muscle control that helps you control your swing
  3. Flexibility – all the stretching and coiling that a swing needs
  4. Injury Prevention – golf sends a lot of energy to muscles, bones, ligaments and joints
  5. Endurance and durability – the stamina needed to not get tired, which can lead to poor performance or injury

To increase power, stability, flexibility, stability & endurance our Coach creates a completely custom training program based upon your body’s needs. We remove the guesswork.


Virtual golf swing trainer for perfect training

Indoor simulators and Commercial launch monitors can provide a level of quality, accuracy and quantity of data that can help you. Being able to interpret the data and implement the findings to your own Body-Swing connection makes this technology worthwhile.  This is another reason to choose LGP as your online performance team!  We know the technology, understand the data and how it supports improvement.

LGP is designed to improve practice, self-analysis and your general understanding of the game so you play your most amazing golf.

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