Golf Pro Candid Interview

Golf Pro Candid Interview

All over the world Golf Professionals are suffering from the following symptoms…

  • Incredibly Long hours
  • Inability to practice golf
  • Inability to play golf
  • Back Pain
  • Hip Pain
  • Frustration thinking their scoring days are behind them
  • Lack of fulfillment because they cannot enjoy the game

Studies have shown that Golf Professionals are literally running out of time.  What used to take the average Golf Professional 1 minute now takes them 5 minutes.  This phenomena is only now starting to be talked about.  Many Golf Professionals fear for their future discussing such matters.  In our attempts to bring this crisis to light we were able to interview PGA Professional Harold Hill + 3 handicap out of Southwest Iowa PGA Section….

Q – Thank you for your bravery Mr. Hill, can you describe what it is like for you teaching golf under such conditions?
A – You’d never know it by looking at me…..but my body is a wreck.

Q – Have you tried talking about this before?

A – Not really, I’m not one to complain and I was raised to tough out it.
Q – Do you understand the implications of a Body-Swing-Connection and how that could impact your life?  
A – Look, I’ve been doing the same routine everyday for a very long time and it led to success for me…..why should I change anything?
Q – Is it possible your health and wellness is holding you back from enjoying your success?
A – Hey pal, we all know that I’m not the player I used to be….But I’m still good enough to hold my own against these young bucks.  If I do my proper 30 step warm up routine that starts at 3:30am I can be ready to play a competitive 18 holes by 7:00am.
Q – Is it possible that the very ‘same routine’ that led you here and now has also led to your plateau?
A – Who the hell said my game has hit a plateau?!
Q – Does it really take you 3.5 hours to warm up?
A – Look I don’t have take this s*it fro……
*** It was at this time the video feed was disconnected.  Please stay tuned as we continue to cover this story as it develops.
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