Welcome to the LGP Golf Experience, where learning and enjoyment intersect.

Welcome to the LGP Golf Experience, where learning and enjoyment intersect. The game of golf is intended to be a fun activity which provides a lifetime of fulfilment. The LGP Golf Experience aims to achieve that goal through a proven golf experience, that allows for you to learn, while having fun. This then transfers over into the actual game and allows you to delve further into your golfing goals. The LGP Golf Experience is the ultimate combination of learning, relaxation, enjoyment and lifetime memories. 

The LGP Golf Experience will provide a uniquely warming, memorable, golfing experience with all of our packages. We offer; 1/2 day packages all the way up to 3-day custom packages to suit your needs. Allow us to help you create a golf experience of a lifetime via our proven coaching and body techniques for you and your guests. 

Building on over 15 years of experience in the industry of high level golf and body instruction, I have created an experience, with my team, that will help you improve your golf game, as well as your health and wellness. It is our goal to enrich your golfing experience via our teachings, while experiencing life’s finer amenities. Countless guests have been through the variety of programs offered by LGP and are continually enjoying the benefits of our teachings. 

Golf is meant to be enjoyable and something that can be played for a lifetime. The LGP Golf Experience is designed to help direct you towards that goal. Each of us has an optimal level of golf, it is time you discover what yours is and how to get there. Please join us for a golfing experience of a lifetime. 

Yours in Golf and Wellness,

– Lance Gill Founder Lance Gill Performance

Half Day experience

full day experience

EXPERIENCES Pricing (conducted at Titleist Performance Institute in Oceanside, CA)

Discover your optimum level of golf with a proven methodology and world class coaching

  • Half Day $1200
  • Full Day $2500
  • 2 and 3 day Experiences are available upon requestInquire for more details.