What is TPI?

The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) was created in 2003. TPI studies golfers and how the human body relates to the golf swing. TPI’s headquarters is a 33-acre testing ground in Oceanside, California for golf specific evaluations, research, protocol development and more. Industry professionals can earn certifications from TPI in five fields: Golf, Medical, Fitness, Power and Junior Development. There are over 19,000 professionals certified by TPI in 63 countries. TPI is a network of leading experts enhancing how coaches and players approach the game of golf. TPI Golf instruction can improve your golf swing and lead to a healthier game of golf.

Who started TPI?

TPI was founded by Dr. Greg Rose and Dave Phillips. The TPI Assessment and the TPI Certified Program was developed by the founders and a 52-member advisory staff in the fields medical, fitness, biomechanics, education, nutrition and coaching. Lance Gill is Co-Director of TPI’s Fitness Advisory Board. Lance also serves as lead instructor for TPI Fitness Seminars and is Tour Coach to professionals on PGA, LIV, LPGA, Sr. PGA, Euro PGA and a majority of the feeder tours. Seeing players achieve their goals is a strong passion for our team at Lance Gill Performance.

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What is the goal of TPI?

The goal of TPI is to educate the public on how the body can better support the golf swing. A golfer’s physical limitations can affect the golf swing. A golfer’s fitness levels can affect the golf swing. Every golfer should be assessed for their own personal physical limitations and fitness levels. The goal is to create the most efficient swing for each golfer. The best golfers on the PGA Tour are working with TPI certified experts. The best golfers on the PGA Tour are learning about their own physical limitations and fitness levels.

How does the TPI Assessment work?

TPI developed a 16-point assessment that tests and measures how the human body functions. Think flexibility, mobility and stability. The TPI Assessment will examine things like your body’s ability to control the pelvis. It will also measure things like your mobility of the thoracic spine and hips. Other tests will assess how well you can rotate your shoulders and the dorsiflexion of the ankle.

If your body has physical limitations like these it can potentially lead to injury and swing characteristics like early extension. Early extension is when a golfer stands straight up too early in the downswing. Physical limitations like lack of hip rotation and lower body stability can promote early extension.

Will it work for me?

Yes, the TPI assessment is a tool that can work for you. However, a tool is only as good as the person using it. After you have been assessed, the next thing you will need is a focused plan of training to improve your fitness levels. Who is going to create this training plan for you?

This is where you can expect massive gaps in knowledge depending upon the professional you are working with. Anyone can pay the fee to become TPI certified. If you are interested in a TPI assessment be sure to ask your professional if they actually have a history of training golfers successfully. We strongly recommend working with a certified TPI golf professional to improve your game of golf.

How do I find an expert?

If you are interested in working with a team of proven experts, our team at Lance Gill Performance is ready to improve your fitness levels and create a plan to overcome your physical limitations We have helped thousands of golfers all over the world to get real results and enjoy the game of golf. Learn more about our team, how we coach golfers online and how you can start playing better golf right now. Get started with your free strategy call.

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